⚠️ So Powerful And Profitable, It May Sound Too Good To Be True At First…
🔊 So Powerful And Profitable, It May Sound Too Good To Be True At First…

REVEALED: How You Can Make $200-$300 A Day In Passive Income Through Crypto Without Lifting a Finger

Start immediately

No prior crypto knowledge required

100% Legal

A Complete System To Make Life-Changing Passive Income Starting Today

Set and Forget Fully Automated System

Works For Even Absolute Newbies

Earn Money Even When You Are Asleep!

Works On Any Computer, Phone, Or Tablet

100% Legal, Foolproof and Zero Tech Skills Required

Start Earning Passively Starting Right Now

YES! I Want  To Start Earning Passive Income!

 Look… That’s how much I made in the last 24 hours.

See it for yourself.

And I have been making such numbers DAILY for the past year or so,
to the tune of $XXXX so far.

Of course, the numbers aren’t the same every day.

Some days it is 50 bucks less and some days it is more but does that really matter – anymore – as long as “some” money keeps coming in? You bet, it doesn’t.

For ME, it is not even THE BEST PART

Because the best part is. This income is NOT from:

"Soul-Sucking” 9-5 Job

“Soul-Sucking” 9-5 Job

“Heavy-Investment” Real Estate

“Heavy-Investment” Real Estate

“Frustrating” Cold Calls

“Frustrating” Cold Calls

“Risky” Day Trading

“Risky” Day Trading

…or anything that makes me work hard because frankly, I didn’t sign up for any grunt work when I stepped into the online world a few years back.

Instead, this is all passive money – that I make even when I am dining, working out, having fun or even when I am sleeping!

Quick 100x, Is a COMPLETE system to start making passive income.

You can get started now and tomorrow morning, when you wake up, you could see some money come in to your account – as simple as that!

All you need is just, 3 things to get started.

An internet connection

A laptop or your phone

$50 USD in the beginning

 Of course, the more you put in, the more you can take out – that’s only fair! After that, you are all set – to collect passive payments.

This “Set and Forget System” Makes Me Income Like This Every Single Day Without Me Having To Do Any Work

And It Is Not Only MeWho This System Is Working For…

I would be crazy to release something out in the public that wasn’t proven to work or wasn’t easy to do.

So just to test the waters, I handed the system over to some of my private students and beta-testers and here are the results.

Here Are Their Earnings From Just , 1 Month! NICE!

Arnold K.

Earned $750.53
from Quick 100x

Arnold K.

Earned $750.53
from Quick 100x

Arnold K.

Earned $750.53
from Quick 100x

Anita P.

Earned $750.53
from Quick 100x

Anita P.

Earned $750.53
from Quick 100x

Anita P.

Earned $750.53
from Quick 100x

Shirley J.

Earned $750.53
from Quick 100x

Shirley J.

Earned $750.53
from Quick 100x

Shirley J.

Earned $750.53
from Quick 100x

And these are ordinary folks like you and me. At least two are college grads, a lady who is a pensioner, one is from the construction industry and another one has a consulting agency!

If they can benefit from this system, you can too! 

So Easy and Simple, It Actually Is Unfair To Those Who Don’t Know About It Yet

Step 1:  Get Quick 100x

It can be accessed anywhere. Phone, laptop or desktop.

Step 2:  Follow Me

Follow the step by step videos we have created and sign up to the platforms we recommend. If you can copy and paste, you can do this.

Step 3:  Relax And Make Money

Start generating passive income daily, and withdraw your earnings into your bank account or credit and debit cards, etc.

You Get Access To The Same System (Quick 100x ) That Gave Me The Life I Always Dreamed About

(A Life Where I Am My Boss, Wake Up On My Schedule, And Live Life On My Terms…to Name A Few Of The Perks)


What if the key to your financial freedom was… 


Handed to you on a silver platter and all you had to do was pick it up and use it . . .

Would you? I bet you would like that.


So if you are ready to get massive success in 2022 and you don’t want it to be just another year that slips through your hands without major financial transformation in your life, pay close attention to what I am about to say.

Sounds good?

GREAT! Hey folks, this is Austin Otk Here…

Austin Otk

Believer. Fitness Enthusiast. Coffee Lover.📍U.K. PASSIVE Income Earner

And today…

I am super excited to show you my idiot proof formula for setting up your own automated telling machine (ATM) in less than the time it takes to watch an episode of your favorite Netflix show without knowing anything about computers…

Your next logical question should be, is it legal?

Yes, it is.

It is 100% legal and , 100% Ethical. 

But wait.

Before I go even further, why should you even listen to me?

Because I get it.

It doesn’t make sense to trust some guy that pops up randomly on your timeline or in your inbox.

Your skepticism and the burning questions arising in your mind right now are as legitimate as it gets.

So hear me out WHYI am qualified to give you advice..


Resigned as a shop assistant, learned the ropes of affiliate marketing and made more than a dozen affiliate websites that made me $5 grand per month EACH


Started creating my own info-products that went on to do $10 million dollars in sales


Entered into the world of eCommerce as a complete newbie and came out with a store that did $700k in just 6 months


Put my assets in the crypto world and now making $20,000 on a consistent basis for the last couple of months and yes even when the crypto world hit rock bottom (was the best time to profit!).

All this isn’t just to brag or make you feel any less than me.

I am an immigrant from west Africa.

Yet, this could not stop me from achieving what I always wanted to achieve.

This Is The System That Has Allowed Me To Generate $XXXXX In Pure Passive Income This Year

As they say the proof is in the pudding

See it for yourself – almost unbelievable part – I didn’t have to lift my finger to make such numbers! Seems to be good to be true, does it not.

How about I show everything, my account dashboard and everything LIVE on a video. That should remove all your doubts if any.

Watch the  PROOF  inside the video below.

And Here Is The  Crazy Part…

I didn’t have to work.

It is truly the most innovative, most unique method ever to be released on the market.

This Is The Result Of My Own Research Coupled With My Over 10 Years Of Online Experience

This is not some secret treasure I stumbled upon all of a sudden.

Gurus make that up to lure you into thinking that maybe it is some hack or loophole one could take advantage of. But what happens when the so-called hack is fixed, and the loophole is closed – you are back to square one! On the other hand, the Quick 100x system is the result of my blood and sweat, hundreds of hours of research, meticulous planning and refining it so that it becomes practical and profitable for ANYONE.

Even If You’re Not Tech-Savvy Enough, You Don’t Need To Worry!

It would be a shame if being tech-savvy was one of the prerequisites of this system. This is exactly what makes it great. It doesn’t matter how young or how old you are, you can set this up.

It doesn‘t matter if you are 12 years old or 70 years. You could set this up if you go to school and you could set this up if you are enjoying your retirement days. And it gets better.

Works On Every Device

Be it your phone that remains with you 24/7. Or your iPad or your favorite Android tablet. Or your workstation or that cheap laptop you bought in your student days.

You just have to make sure your device is connected to the internet, at least for 45 minutes. Heck, even if you are in Alaska wilderness with spotty internet connection, you could quickly set this up and then let it work for you. You only need internet connection for initial set up. While the clouds handle making money for you.

Doesn’t Require Babysitting/Active Monitoring

Once you set it up, there is nothing left for you to do.

The system makes money for you – even when you don‘t have access to any internet connection.

(you will require an internet connection to check how much you have made in a day though.😉)

7 Reasons Why Quick 100x Is For You.


100% Legal and Ethical

So-called hacks and loopholes work for only some time before they get fixed. This system, on the other hand, is a well-researched method that will work for as long as there is internet.


Works Universally

Many strategies are geographically limited. But Quick 100x works from anywhere and from any device. From the East coast to the West coast and then spanning all the major continents, this works. All you need is an internet connection.


Runs Perpetually

This system keeps pumping money for as long as you want. Once you set this up, you don’t have to do any more work again except for a couple of minutes to check how much you have made.



It doesn’t matter if you have any previous online experience or not, this system will work for you regardless of your age and experience


Works On All The Devices

Mac, Windows, Phones, Desktops, Tablets, this system works on all the devices with an internet connection..


Just a Few Clicks Required

If you can click your mouse and can copy-paste as per instructions, you can do it.


Minimal Investment Required

You could get started with just $50. Of course, the more you put in, the more you can take out.

Get Quick 100x At A One Time Price

$387 Monthly – Pay Just $19 Once And Use Forever

YES! I Want  To Start Earning Passive Income!

So Easy and Simple, It Actually Is Unfair To Those Who Don’t Know About It Yet

All This Sounds Great, But How Much I Will Have To Spend To Get My Hands On It?

By now, you might be interested in getting Quick 100x but I know what you are thinking.

How much is it going to cost me?

Initially, my idea was to release this for no less than $197/month considering ANYONE would be able to double or triple their investment back in just 1 month.

The issue is, this is still way too much for ordinary folks, especially the beginners, who don’t have much funds at hand.

So Instead Of a Monthly Subscription, I Have an UNBELIEVABLE Offer For You

I promised you earlier that there is a hope for you to get massive success in 2022. I will be keeping that promise. So YOU too can avail this offer. And I get it that you are tight on funds.

You have already spent a lot on purchasings app and courses that didn’t work. (not your fault, they were never meant to work in the first place!)

So I am not going to ask you to spend $197/month. Not even $97 or $47. You can get in and put this system to your advantage for a one-time low price.

Sounds good enough? But… There is a catch though.

YOU will LOSE If… You Aren’t Quick Enough!

I can not keep this one-time low price for too long. There is a significant cost to running all the operations behind the scenes. I will try to absorb as much as I can and as much as I can afford but this could not run forever.

So once you are gone from this page, and you come back later, chances are, you will have to pay a lot more to get access to it.

You miss it today, you pay a dear price! A fair warning I must say.

Look. Money loves speed. If you don’t act fast, you will likely get left behind. Don’t delay and don’t overthink about it.

You have to get yourself in while it is still available – for a one-time low price.

Get Quick 100x At A One Time Price

$387 Monthly – Pay Just $19 Once And Use Forever

YES! I Want  To Start Earning Passive Income!

This Is Your Chance To Change Your Financial Life For Good

Haven’t you had enough of it?

Working your butt-off , with the 9-5 grind?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could come out of this struggle-fail-repeat rat-race?

​​If so, then simply click the button below to start your first steps to feeling the joy of financial independence and passive income.

Isn’t It Time To Make The Right Choice?

Because, Right Now You Only Have  2 Choices

(choose wisely)

Choice #1

Don’t Take Action

In that case, I don’t have much to say.

You could leave this page right now if you wish.

I am OK with you returning to the daily grind.

If you desire to burn yourself out before you ever give yourself a chance to succeed, who can stop you.

But let’s not beat around the bush, generating passive income isn’t easy else you wouldn’t be here on this page in the first place.

You can try every method and strategy in the book and pray for success, but why would you want to if you knew there was a quicker, easier, more profitable way?

Choice #2

Get Quick 100x

This is one sustainable system to make passive income the easiest way possible.

It works clockwise.

It works passively.

It makes money as soon as you get started.

You don’t need any formal or fancy education to get started and it doesn’t matter if you knew anything about crypto before.

This is the method that allows me (and my students and beta-testers).

  • To finally live the laptop-style life
  • Get daily payouts
  • Stop Worrying About Money
  • Make Money While We Sleep
  • WITHOUT having to do any real work

This will change your life.

I can not be more blatant than that.

And with that, the ball is in your court now.

You have to decide if you want to pick up Choice #1 or go with Choice #2.

Get Quick 100x At A One Time Price

$387 Monthly – Pay Just $19 Once And Use Forever

YES! I Want  To Start Earning Passive Income!

100% Risk-Free
365 Day Money Back Guarantee

I have decided to do something that isn’t usual in the industry.

I am going to put your mind at ease and make this purchase absolutely risk-free for you.

If you don’t profit from Quick 100, I will admit that maybe this method doesn’t work.

So just send an email to me within 365 days of your purchase and I will send you a refund promptly.

This should take all the risk and all the burden off, of your shoulders.

So there is no way you can lose money as I am backing it up with 365-days money back guarantee.

Here Is A Recap Of Everything That You Get With Quick 100x

Quick 100x Plug n Play system 

Auto-Cash Technology

Quick 100x Step-by-Step training videos

24/7 Support – PRICELESS

$ 297,00

$ 97,00

$ 297,00


Quick 100x Plug n Play system

$ 297,00

Auto-Cash Technology

$ 297,00

Quick 100x Step-by-Step training videos

R$ 297,00

24/7 Support – PRICELESS


Total Value Of Everything 

You Get Today

$ 891,00

For A Very Limited Time Only Grab It Now For: $197 A Month

Get Quick 100x At A One Time Price

$197 Monthly – Pay Just $19 Once And Use Forever

YES! I Want  To Start Earning Passive Income!

⚠️ WARNING :⚠️

⚠️ WARNING :⚠️

Do Not Miss Out and Do Not Pay More Than You Have To.

If you leave this page today, you may miss out on this golden opportunity to get it for a one-time low price. Right now, the current price is at the lowest it will ever be. But I will be closing doors to it soon as soon as the timer on the page expires. And then there is going to be a significant increase in price.

As I said earlier, I planned to sell it for no less than $197 – despite it would still be a steal as you could get double or triple the amount of your investment in just one month.

But get your self locked in to a monthly subscription when you don’t have to.

Right now, you can get in for a one-time low price.

Time to Act Is


This is the last time I am going to tell you to take action.

Once you get it, you will be able to put it into action in just 45 mins from now and then you just have to wait till morning to make your first income online.

But this won’t happen unless you take action and take action RIGHT NOW!

Because this is one of those situations where TIME and your ability to think fast TRULY will effect your bank account.

What’s the wait for? Get inside – before it is too late!

Get Quick 100x At A One Time Price

$387 Monthly – Pay Just $19 Once And Use Forever

YES! I Want  To Start Earning Passive Income!

See you inside, Quick 100x! 

Austin Otk

Frequently Asked Questions

Sounds good. Does it involve a lot of work?

The beauty of the 100x MasterClass system is that it barely involves any further work once it is set up. You will need to spend 15-45 minutes doing the initial setup one time but after that, everything is completely hands-free. Apart from checking how much you have made daily.

How much do I need to get started, I am very tight on budget?

As they say, you need money to make some money. You will need at least $50 to get started.

Can you do this from any country?

Yes, this system works universally. It doesn’t matter if you are from the US, UK, EU, Asia, Africa, Australia, or anywhere else. An internet connection is the only prerequisite and that too is needed just for the initial setup.

How long is it going to take to start making money?

Once you set it up, you can expect to start making money in 24-48 hours.

I don’t know anything about crypto. Can I do this?

You don’t need to know a thing about crypto. Period. This is exactly what makes this system so great because finally, you can profit from crypto without having to know anything about it. All you need to do is look over my shoulders in step-by-step videos, and copy exactly what I am doing.

I am not technical. Can I do this?

Absolutely. The 100x MasterClass system requires zero technical knowledge so it is doable by anyone.

Do I need a special computer to run this system?

A simple computer will do. Don’t have a computer? Then even your phone or tablet is more than enough to get started.

How much can I make from this daily?

The possibilities are endless. Some of my students are making $1000, $5000, and some even $10000 a month. It’s entirely up to you how much you want to make.

Can I quit my job with this?

I don’t see why you can’t as many of my students are earning solely from this system.

I have a job, can I do it as a side hustle?

The 100x MasterClass system is one of the best side hustles you have ever come across as it takes just 15-45 mins for the initial setup. After that, you are ready to generate passive income without lifting a finger.

How long would this work?

Crypto isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. It’s rather the future and with more adoption, the market is only going to go up. So be assured, that this system is here to stay.

Get Quick 100x At A One Time Price

$387 Monthly – Pay Just $19 Once And Use Forever

YES! I Want  To Start Earning Passive Income!